Dangerous Goods

RJM Media Forwarding specialise in the logistic management and movement of Dangerous Goods. Our staff have been trained to comply with UN regulations for the handling and despatch of these goods.

We employ specialist hauliers and certified drivers to transport hazardous material across International borders. RJM Media Forwarding will provide all the statutory documentation to ensure travel to destinations is achieved in a controlled, safe and secure manner.

RJM Media Forwarding can handle:

  • Gasses, toxins,corrosive,poisons and inflammable material.
  • Parcels,drums, packages, cylinders and bulk.
  • UK, Europe and International destination.
  • Transportation by Air and Road.

We provide:

  • Fully certified ADR qualified drivers.
  • Signage, labelling and Hazchem panels.
  • Full documentation for International passage.
  • Consignment track and trace.
  • Transportation by Air and Road.

Please select a service from the list below. If the service you are looking for is not listed please contact us on +44(0)1234 708759 or email us on info@rjmmediaforwarding.com